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748/916/996 Air Filters

A few minor issues with these:-

Air Filters

Yes it did have air filters in. The 748/916/996 standard filter system is not the best in the world!!

Don't try and fit the LH one to the RH air tube and vice-versa. They nearly fit the wrong way round but not quite and would no doubt let a fair bit of crap through. To maintain my good reputation I would like to point out that I only found this out when my spares supplier sent me two LH filters instead of a pair and I tried to fit them.

The 748/916/996 air filter design is not the best in the world. Water from high speed in heavy rain or a pressure washer can wash dirt through the filter and into the air box. I find it to be a rare case to find a completely clean air box and intake trumpets. It wouldn't harm every 1000 miles or so (or after water harassment) to lift the tank off to check the air box is clean and maybe split the air tubes to check the filters.

Air Filters

The standard filters do catch some crap!

You could of course opt for one of the after market filters. I have only so far come across the large one-piece sponge type filters (ITG, JHP) that fit directly over the inlet trumpets. These are better at keeping the dirt out if fitted correctly, make sure they are fitted over the trumpets properly the front one is quite tricky. Some people suggest that these filters increase performance due to being freer flowing. Others reckon they make performance suffer due to mucking up the air flow characteristics directly over the inlet trumpets. They're also a sod to wash out and re-oil. You pay yer money etc.

BMC Filter System

The BMC filter system fitted to a 998R

BMC Filter System

The filter slides out for easy cleaning

The best aftermarket air filter system I've come across for this range is the Italian made BMC system. Its fits very nicely and creates a good seal around the filter element and it won't muck up air flow. The filter elements look a little small and hence should probably be cleaned quite regularly, but this is easy enough as they can be slid out once the tank loosened. Not the cheapest option, but very nicely made.

The other related point is to make sure that the grills in the nose fairing that feed into the airtubes are clear, especially after that summer evening bug bash run. Clean your visor and your tubes!!

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