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Poor Starting

I get quite a few customers saying that their Ducati's turn slowly on the starter. This can be caused by the engine earth lead and the leads from the battery to the starter solenoid and from the solenoid to the starter motor. Early leads were made with simple crimped on ends and these seem to create a resistance to the battery power as they corrode. Later leads are soldered and hence don't allow corrosion to occur. They're not expensive and are far easier to change than a starter motor so do them first.

On the 749/999 range replacing the leads isn't possible and resoldering or adding extra leads can help.

Similar on the Multistrada 1000DS. These and some others, the S4RS Monster being one have an earth lead that attaches to the engine just in front of the alternator housing. It's been known for the screw here to come loose or corroded and cause starting problems. Being hidden behind a load of cables and pipes doesn't help

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