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Monster 900i.e. (2000 - 2002) and 800 Sport/SS Engine Sprockets

For some reason these, and maybe other model appears to have a unique engine sprocket. Instead of the usual sprocket with a boss on one side it has a thinner boss on both sides. It is similar to a sprocket that used to be fitted to some Paso models but unlike that one the overall width for the Monster sprocket is 17mm, the Paso one being 16mm.

This came to light when a customer told me she was concerned that her chain was catching the tyre. The engine sprocket fitted at that time (not by me I hasten to add) was the single boss type with the boss away from the engine. Now carb'ed Monster 900's have this sprocket but with the boss towards the engine, hence I thought this was the problem. Thought that is, well on turning the sprocket around I then found that the chain fouled the bolt for rear suspension loop. Plus neither way wanted to match up with the plastic chain runner. Investigation into this (mainly via Jeff Green of Gtec Performance, top bloke) unearthed the fact that for some reason these fuel injected models had been fitted with a longer gearbox output shaft. This then led to the unique sprocket.

Confusingly the JT sprockets catalogue lists the standard single boss sprocket. I've emailed them to let them know so hopefully they'll correct things.

I corrected the problem on Denise's bike by fitting a couple of 5.5mm spacers between the sprocket and retaining plate. AFAM do a 15 tooth sprocket to suit this bike, but not a 14. I've had some 14 tooth sprockets made by Talon Engineering as this is a real popular mod. So if you own an injected M900 or 800 Supersport and it's had a sprocket change, have a quick look to see if all is as it should be.

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