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748/916/996/998 Coolant blockages

Swollen Hose

Swollen Hose

When the bike in the picture arrived it had a coolant leak from just about every joint plus the lower radiator hose looked like it had our budgie trapped in it. This was caused by over pressure in the coolant system due to the header tank breather being blocked. The blockage was in the outlet from the header tank filler neck that the breather tube goes onto, the one that goes to the overflow tank sat in the "V".

The other small tube going to the header tank just below and in front of the filler neck can block as well. This makes it awkward to properly refill the coolant as this tube allows the vertical cylinder to fill correctly. Not a common problem, I've only seen an occurrence of each blockage once, however it could be embarrassing as you enter your local coffee bar looking like Casey Jones (a steam train driver from years ago for you young 'uns).
Least you'll now know what to blame.

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