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Ducati Chain and Sprockets

Worn chain and sprockets can really make a motorbike feel rough, I can't recall the number of times owners have said that their bike feels like new after having the chain and sprockets replaced.

Ducati Chain and Sprockets

You may just want a straight forward replacement, or you may want to change the gearing. A very popular upgrade to the 916/996 range is to replace the 15t front sprocket for a 14t one, giving less top speed but better acceleration.

There is also the Quick Change rear sprocket system available for the single sided swing arm models. This allows a greater range of rear sprocket sizes (36t to 42t) and is ideal for the racer and track day enthusiast. The system also has a feature to prevent the cush drive outer ring from coming out and damaging the wheel bearing housing. Points to watch for

A Talon engine sprocket and Quick Change
rear sprocket system.

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