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Ducati Monster/SS batteries

It is important that you ensure that the battery breather pipe on early Monsters and SS's is routed correctly so that it isn't trapped and blocked when you lower the tank. If it gets blocked, it can if you're unlucky, or have a Yuasa battery with screw in plugs, cause the battery to split dumping the acid over the engine or worse if you're tonking on and the wind gets hold of it!!! If you're a lucky type with a "low cost" battery it just pops the filler plugs out. This happened to my brother's M900 as he travelled up the motorway. The bang that the little plastic plug made as it blew out was loud enough for him to think that the engine had gone bang!! Fortunately it happened as he approached the services so he pulled in to investigate but couldn't find anything wrong. Puzzled he carried on and made it home fine. It was only a week later when he lifted the tank for some reason that he noticed the plug missing.

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