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Talon Rear Sprocket and Carrier Ducati 996S

The Talon rear sprocket and carrier. Replaces the standard rear sprocket and offers a greater range of ratios. Sprocket range 36t to 42t. Get in touch for details

Very nice local 996S that I look after

Kit Cars 300 bhp V8

Into Kit Cars too?
Here's my 4 wheel drive V8 Dax Rush

The 300 bhp V8


A rare 888 SP4S. The signature on the screen is Giancarlo Falappa's. Must make it difficult washing the bugs off.

A 998R Testastretta engine ready for rebuild

Ducati John Ducati John

'05 Ducati Owners Track Day @ Cadwell. Yours truly Ducati John in front of what looks like Jamie Whitham with that knee out!! Its actually Gary, the club chairman trying his best to catch me.

'05 Ducati Owners Track Day @ Cadwell. This is the only way I can get the front wheel up!

Ducati John Ducati John

'05 Ducati Owners Track Day @ Cadwell. Dig those period leathers eh!

'05 Ducati Owners Track Day @ Cadwell. Right, where do we go next? What a novice!!

A winter rebuild project bike ready for collection by its very happy owner

Mag arm, Ohlins, Renthal, Regina, etc etc, this bike is well spec'ed up

Nice detail touches with trick fuel filler and billet top yoke

Ever wondered how your 748/916/996/998 might look with a red frame

My mate Dave said he was prepared to go to the Taj Mahal to model my DJ T shirt if I paid the expenses. I thought he meant the curry house in Bradford!

This is what happens when the cush drives fail on a single sided swinger set up. You can see on this bike that three have moved over and fully machined away the castellations intended for turning the eccentric hub for chain adjustment. (See the "Points to watch for" section for more info.

This is the same swinger and eccentric hub after the sprocket carrier was removed. Quite a neat turning job eh! It even took about 1mm off the side of the swinging arm.

This is what it should look like. To maintain the wheel alignment I had to have a thin alloy washer made to fit between the hub and swinging arm to account for the metal removed. You can just see it between the castellations on the hub. Now whilst I do put this pictures on here to warn you about the problem please note that this one is by far the worst I've ever seen, by a long way, so don't panic, but do check yours!! It could be dangerous!!!!


That's Snow Ducati!!

Bang!!! I do hope you never suffer an engine failure on this magnitude. This is the inside of a 749R after a piston let go during racing


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