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ST2/ST4/Monster/851/888 etc wheel alignment

ST2/ST4/Monster/851/888 etc Wheel alignment

The chain alignment on these bikes can often be inaccurate due to the ever so slightly poor design of the spindle plates that you're supposed to use to read against the alignment marks. These plates often bend or twist when tightening the spindle nuts hence giving possible inaccurate wheel alignment. On one ST2 I had in it was so bad that the chain was catching the tyre, granted the use of a 187mm wide 180 section Avon didn't help the situation!! If in doubt use a tape measure to check the swing arm spindle to wheel spindle distance on both sides. The plastic bush in the swing arm spindle gives a nice little centre marker. The wheel spindle is trickier, I use a tool that fits in the hollow spindle to mark the centre.

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