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Another IMPORTANT fuel tank point to watch for

Fuel Tank Access Plate "O" Ring correct fitting

Fuel Tank Access Plate "O" Ring incorrect fitting

The fuel tank access plate on all 748/916/996/998/ST2/3/4 models has an "O" ring to seal it into the fuel tank. This can be a swine to fit especially if it had swollen or been stretched whilst cleaning it. It sits in a small groove on the access plate as shown on the photo opposite so that it actually enters the access plate aperture. It DOES NOT sit lower down in the corner created by the flange. It looks like it could as it is then squeazed between the access plate and the tank base creating a seal of sorts, however I know of one bike where someone did this after changing a fuel level sensor. The owner filled the tank up after collecting the machine, over the next few miles the fuel drained out over the hot exhaust as he rode the bike home. At home it dropped the remaining fuel onto his tarmac drive!!!. It did not catch fire luckily. If in doubt fit a new "O" ring and lightly grease it and the aperture it fits into to help it in.

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