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Lubrication, a good or bad thing



A bad thing if applied to your brakes I think you'll agree. The owner of the bike in the photo turned up after having a new tyre fitted (not by me I hasten to add). He was complaining that the brakes were poor, and could I have a look. Didn't take too much spotting why as the photo shows. Look closely and you can see grease on the spindle, disc and tyre. Nice eh!! My version of events is that an inexperienced tyre fitter had recently been told that grease helps the spindle go back in easier. So he dips the spindle end in the bucket of grease and whacks it in. The excess grease of which there was a lot then flung out as the bike was ridden away. Does that sound possible? If so remind yourself to check your bike after anything is done to it.

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