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Routine Ducati Servicing

The prices listed below are for what is typically described as a FULL (i.e 12,000/15,000) service covering everything listed in a particular model's DUCATI service schedule. It also covers a few extra inspections that I have found from experience are worth adding to the DUCATI schedule.

Ducati 998R

Some owners can reduce the cost by performing some of the simpler tasks themselves, leaving me to do the tricky stuff like belt changes and valve clearances. There are also the lower mileage service schedules where less work is required. If this is the case for your DUCATI then get in touch and we can discuss just exactly what your requirements are. From there we can then work out a cost.

Any work required over and above the routine service can be quoted for prior to the service starting. If any costs are found that are not covered by the service these will be reported to you for acceptance so that you stay in control of the final cost.

Some models (i.e. 749/999, 848/1098/1198, Multistrada) use expensive air filters. If cleaning rather than replacing these looks to be cost effective then I will do.

All services follow a preset service schedule. I'll be happy to go through this schedule with you prior to the job so you can understand exactly what will be done to your DUCATI.

All service and repair work is fully detailed in a service report and invoice so you can keep a record of exactly what work has been carried out.

I've tried to make the pricelist comprehensive but there will be some specific models that aren't covered. Hopefully though the list should give you some clue as the area of cost you're looking at for a full service. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need any clarification of costs regarding a specific model.

  • 848/1098 (except "R" models) 15,000 mile service - £630 to £730 exc VAT

  • 749/999 (except certain "R"& S" models) 12/15,000 mile service - £685 to £785 exc VAT

  • 998 12,000 mile service - £670 to £770 exc VAT

  • 748/916/996 12,000 mile service - £650 to £750 exc VAT

  • 851/888/ST4/ST3 12,000 mile service - £680 to £780 exc VAT

  • 600/620/750/800/900 Monster 12,000 mile service - £490 to £550 exc VAT

  • 4 valve Monsters (None Testastretta) 12,000 mile service - £630 to £730 exc VAT

  • Testastretta Monsters 12,000 mile service - £660 to £760 exc VAT

  • 600SS/750SS/900SS 12,000 mile service - £510 to £570 exc VAT

  • ST2 12,000 mile service - £550 to £610 exc VAT **

  • Multistrada 1200S/Diavel 15,000 mile service - £680 to £780 exc VAT.

  • 1000/1100DS Multistrada/Hypermotard/M1000 & M1100 Monster/1000SS 12/15,000 mile service - £510 to £570 exc VAT

  • 620 Multistrada 12,000 mile service - £500 to £560 exc VAT

  • Sport Classics 12,000 mile service - £470 to £530 exc VAT

  • M696 Monster 15,000 mile service - £440 - £500 exc VAT

  • Panigale Please ring for details

The reason for the price range (i.e. £630 to £730) is due to the amount of valve clearance shim changes required. If your engine's valve clearances are all within tolerance and require no shim changes then the price will be the lower amount. If your engine on the other hand needs all the shims changing then due to the cost of the extra labour involved the price will be higher amount. If it needs just a few shims to bring the clearances back into specification then the price will be somewhere in the middle. Generally this cost will also include the cost of exchange shims, however if a certain shim stock size goes below a level then I'll have to charge you for these shims. This I believe is the fairest way and I'd like to comment that 50% or so of customers so far have been charged the lowest amount.

Routine Ducati Servicing

Prices Include: - (where required, i.e. model dependent)

  • Cam belts

  • Cam belt pulley nuts/washers

  • Oil filter

  • Fuel filter

  • Air filter

  • Fuel connector "O" rings

  • Rocker cover gaskets

  • Spark plugs

  • Engine oil

  • Fork oil

  • Brake and clutch fluid.

  • Coolant.

  • Alternator rotor retaining nut re-torque

  • Dry clutch strip and inspect.

  • Brake inspection.

  • Final drive inspection.

  • Steering head and wheel bearing inspection.

  • Electrical checks.

  • Etc Etc

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