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Speedo cable routing

Showa fork speedo cable routing (NOT 888/MONSTER)

Ohlins fork speedo cable routing

Now, one of the principle issues of mechanicing to is to note how things are assembled before you take them to bits. The digital camera is ace for this as you can take shed loads of photos then delete them once not needed. The two pictures here show the routing of speedo cables on 748/916/996/998/ST2/3/4 bikes fitted with 43mm Showa forks compared to the routing of the bikes with Ohlins forks. (Note! Showa forked 888/Monsters are different again!!) On a number of occasions I have found Ohlins equipped bikes with their speedo cable routed straight up as per the Showa bikes. Sadly then the speedo outer cable rubs severely against the bottom of the gold upper tube putting a huge groove in it. So on the Showa equipped bike the cable runs vertically up in front of the caliper. If the speedo's physical stop is put correctly against the stop on the lower white plastic mudguard bracket this will route the cable correctly. On the Ohlins forks the cable runs between the two caliper mounting bolts. There isn't a stop for the speedo drive with these so position it to route the cable right before tightening the axle nut.

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