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Testastretta Cam Belt Tensioners

Straight Edge

Checking that 'Stretta tensioner belt pulleys are fitted properly

Duc Belts

Can you spot the damage to the vertical belt?

Now I'd have to say that well maintained belts on these models are even more robust that the oft ill thought of earlier models. However, a bit of a dodgy design on the tensioner pulley can and has led to early belt failure, the one pictured lasted 200 miles after being fitted new!!. Whilst I am not one for putting the fear of shredded belts into people I would rather those that fancy having a go at fitting new belts themselves know about this.

Basically there is a thin "top hat" spacer that sits between the tensioner bearing and the cylinder head. This spacer can become unseated when fitting the pulley and results in the pulley being clamped in place at a slight angle. The pulley being at an angle tracks the belt out of position and up the pulley side flanges, these flanges then shred it until it gives up the ghost. OUCH!!

A straight edge across the idler and tensioner pulleys as shown in the other picture can prove that the tensioner is on properly. The design has been improved somewhere along the line so current bikes have a better system.

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