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Water in fuel tanks

Two fold problem, water causing sludge which accumulates around fuel pump inlet and blocks system. Other is corrosion of the tank. The sludge build up seems to affect ST models worse, I've known a couple of occasions where people have reported loss of power. Easily solved and will be spotted during a fuel filter change. If you do have sludge there completely empty the tank to ensure that there is no water in it as the corrosion issue may cost you, read on!! The corrosion problem highlighted itself in a quite dangerous situation. I got a 748 in for service that had rusty water marks all around the back of the engine. Strange?? Similar water marks were found under the tank when I removed it for a filter change. The pump housing was full of rust and sludge, the filter itself when emptied had water in it. When I looked closer at the underside of the tank I noticed the paint was bubbling. Like you do I prodded the bubbles with a screwdriver and it went straight through!!. The tank had rotted from the inside out, the only thing holding the fuel, and water in was the paint!! In fact the rusty water marks were from the water leaking out. I'll leave you to think of the possible consequences. Quite a rare issue this one so don't panic and it will be found during a service.

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